Clair-Voyance (Clear Seeing)

  • See people as they want to appear in my mind
  • Shown various images related to what they are trying to say 
  • Shown things through their eyes of things that happened in the past when they were living 
  • Shown things they have observed after death 
  • Shown scenes of future events, but it can change based on decisions made
Clair-Sentience (Clear Feeling)

  • Receive messages through my feelings, emotions, and physical sensations
  • Can feel what they felt at time of death 
  • Based on how I react when connecting with their energy, I can tell you what they were like in life
  • Empathetic: I can pick up on the feelings of others living or those no longer with us

Clair-Audience (Clear Hearing)

  • Hear things others can't (single words or a number)
  • Telepathic communication: Exchange thoughts (Done with those no longer with us, living animals, and people in coma or close to death
Leanne Duprat
Spiritual Medium