About me

Being able to communicate with loved ones who have passed is such a privilege and has become so rewarding. I was born with this ability, but didn’t understand that my vivid dreams had meaning. It wasn’t until the death of my paternal grandmother that I realized just how special my dreams were.
My Paternal Grandmother
When my grandmother was alive she encouraged me to find a husband, but she died before I met him. Shortly after she died she came to me in a dream telling me where I needed to go to find a husband. I thought it was a silly dream, then one night on a blind date I found myself in a place similar to what she described. However, I thought it was just a coincidence. In a later dream she told me the man I met on that blind date was going to propose, and he did the very next day. After that, I paid close attention to my dreams each time she'd appear.
As the years passed I lost another member of my family, an uncle. He would come to me while I was sleeping, and I couldn’t understand what it was all about. I called my aunt early the next morning to tell her about the dream. With almost no hesitation, she would relate to me what she thought he meant. It validated my gift and at the same time brought her a sense of peace. My aunt would look forward to my early morning calls, and I couldn't wait to share.
My Maternal Grandmother​
Another seven years passed and I went to see, Jeff McBride, a medium at a friends house. He told me that there was something special about me, but it was blocked. I later discovered it was my life long anxiety that was blocking my natural born gift. Coming to that realization I was able to take back control. Later that year another uncle, who was my Godfather, died unexpectedly. The night he died I was crying in bed and every time I closed my eyes he showed me a happy memory we shared, but this time I wasn't dreaming.
After that he came to me when I was awake. I called Jeff and he told me a grandmother was waiting to talk with me. This time it was my maternal grandmother who had died many years before my birth. She also was a natural born medium, but kept it to herself. We connected that day and she has become my spirit guide.
After we connected I asked Jeff to be my mentor. With his guidance, and through the help of my spirit guide I can proudly say that I am a spiritual medium. Communicating with the spirit world has become a great part of my life. They come to me if I am thinking about them or if someone mentions their name. Many times they show up when I'm reading a post on Facebook, visiting with someone, or even pop in and wait if they know I am going to see their loved one soon.
I see them in my mind and they communicate in various ways. Some actually speak to me, others show pictures, and sometimes they send me their thoughts. They also let me see things through their eyes. This happens when they want me to understand something so I can relay a message. It also can happen when I have touched an object that was once theirs. It doesn't always work, but when it does it comes through very strong. Their energy passes through me and I can get the sense of how they died, their emotions, and even what they were like when alive. It really depends on just what is necessary for those left here to help them heal from the loss of their loved ones.
I feel blessed to see and witness the relief of the grief that many are holding inside. I feel this ability needs to be used to aid those who have suffered the lose of a loved one. Life does go on and sometimes with a question answered or that one last bit of knowledge revealed, it can bring the closure for those left behind.